18 Mar

i have moved!

The LaSalle is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

: : :

…both physically and digitally.

i will no longer be updating this blog, but please

check out my work and updates on my tumblr.

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the new sleep art





::artists of the plains::

19 Feb

check out the artists of the plains show

at the holiday inn, downtown sioux falls

saturday 10am-6pm and sunday 10am to 3:30pm

the show is put on by augustana college’s center for western studies

and showcases artist from around the region.


but this makes you think it’s all pheasant and duck stamp art right?

w r o n g!

come to check out student work such as mine and my incredible peers, as well as works of art by fantastic

and inventive artists such as Chad Nelson (winner: people’s choice best in show for 2d work), a printmaker

and nancyjane heul, a painter. as wells as all the other wonderful artists, but if

you were looking or duck stamps, those are there too i guess…


here is some work from last semester i have yet to post:

cruel bloom :: 4 color screenprint

that girl is a monster :: intaglio

monster :: detail

chad nelson has challenged us to print half as many editions as he does this semester.

he’s planning on sixteen. that means 8. i’ve got 5 ideas already, 4 in progress, wish me luck!

hopefully plenty more work soon!

btw check out my etsy shop

also, my sweetheart and i have taken example from his parents and are going v e g a n.

we are really excited about the nutritional benefits of this change in diet,

as well as the exciting recipes we’ve been trying. such as vegan bread ^.^ yum yum

vegan bread made by alex

december cold post

30 Dec

sorry it has been so long since my last update!

finals and christmas eat up a lot of a persons free time,

i’m sure you understand.

i had a fantastic christmas, and i hope you did too!

although my posts have been absent that doesn’t mean i haven’t

been working hard.

i have recently (*cough*yesterday*cough*) created an ETSY SHOP!

with my lovely sister, Mara, who is going to manage it for me!

so please check it out!

there is some new work up there that i haven’t gotten on to here yet…

also, my amazing boyfriend alex and i are going to be working on a videogame

for xbox360! so if you are interested in checking out what we’ve

been doing with that, please visit our game-blog meow meow studio.

anyway! it is the end of a sketchbook, so i decided to give a sketchbook roundup

of my favorite pages from the thing…

alex and i on opposite pages

concept for new intaglio print

sketches from the minneapolis institute of art in pink
joe and i asleep in the secret garden (inspired by a co-workers dream)
mini jones and sarah z best friends forever
hand studies

okay thank you so much for looking!

expect more updates soon!



21 Nov

aaah it’s been forever! too many things going on.

what i wouldn’t give for a day off work, you know…

so i could like, fold laundry, and do homework.

and other things normal people get to do for a change.

a   n   y   w   a   y…

enough complaining, here’s some art!

figure study: pregnant model
intaglio: book project

this is a snippet of my edition for the project we are working on in my

printmaking class. somebody started the plate and printed

an edition of 30-some and then passed the plate to the second

person who changed the plate up a bit and printed an edition.

and so on until we are all done and we will

each bind a book of everybody’s changes, cool huh?

the process would have gone better i think had our press not broken halfway through…

alex, scott, and brady fixing the press

voluntary print labor for museum studies class!

dr. hannus asked kayla hathaway and i to design a poster for

the show our museum methods class curated. we decided to screenprint

them which was a lot of work, however, we got it done and we are

pretty happy with the results and they

are an edition of 165 which is pretty special.

if you see one about town you better nab it when the show is over because it is

valuable and be worth a lot of money when we are famous! hehe

printed ceramics

oh ps- i also play with clay. these are a few pieces that came out of

the salt kiln from my ceramics class!

i really enjoy working with clay, and am pretty happy i can

incorporate some printmaking ideas/techniques.

mini jones in venice

drawing for my class, supposed to be a memory.

i picked when my best friend mini and i were in venice.

i remember the train ride and how we stuck our heads out the window

of the night train and smoked cigarettes.


oofta, that was a lot!

i would probably rant some more, however

i have some nazi zombies (via call of duty) to kill.


sarah z

happy (day after) halloween!

1 Nov

i hope you all had a fantastic halloween! i sure did!

spent friday carving pumpkins with my family,

and attended a lovely soirée on saturday night.

and of course by soiree i mean drunken over-crowded college

party. but it was great!

we’ll start with some art and some pictures and then a quick (picture-less) recipe!

zombie love 16×20 $20 (some available!)

zombie love edition completely fall 2010,

e-mail me at

if you would like to purchase one!

drawing is seeing

drawing with the prompt “what if…”

pretty happy with the output, looks better in person

than from this photograph. charcoal, gesso, and black magic ink.

two harrison fords (han and indie) little fox and beetlejuice

happy halloween! ^.^

i made the ears myself out of fabric and lace, but i also

attached invisible string to the tips and strung it to my sleeves

so that they seemed to wiggle on their own.

alex (who was mark rothko) me, and our lovely host kayla (a gay superhero rainbowfish!)

now for the quick recipe!

no pictures, this ones easy.

you will need: spices, salt, paprika, etc… and pumpkin seeds (or squash!)

let the seeds dry and drizzle them with olive oil, spice them up to your taste preferences

and pop them in the oven at 400˚ for about 15 mins.

voila! delicious! i am eating some right now nom nom nom.


sarah z ❤

almost fall break

19 Oct

getting harder and harder to post, mostly because

it is mid-term an a lot of stuff is due,

and i haven’t had a day off since summer 😦

on the bright side, fall break starts saturday

and i don’t have to work/go to school until wednesday.

this post will include some art and a recipe!


sir whole wheat isaac fig newtons!

adapted from cate’s world kitchen

fig filling
1 c. dried black mission figs, chopped
1/2- 1 cup boiling water
1/4 cup sugar

wheat dough
1 stick softened butter
1 tbsp milk (I used vanilla soy milk)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup white whole wheat flour
1 cup white whole wheat pastry flour

1. boil the water and soak the chopped figs for 20 minutes or so. stir in the sugar and cook over medium for another 10-20 minutes

or until it is jelly/jam like. let cool.


fig jam

2. mix butter, egg, vanilla, and milk. gradually add the sugar and mix well. slowly add flour baking soda, and salt and combine.

separate the dough in half.

3. on wax paper pat the dough into two long rectangle shapes, approx. 12×3 in. spread the fig filling on one dough rectangle and carefully place the second dough rectangle on top. your ceramic skills will come in handy as you pinch the edges together, closing it up. then cut into 1″ squares.


dough with jam, sir isaac newton

4. bake at 350˚ for about 15-20 mins or until golden brown! these turned out awesome, especially with half pastry flour, because they were really soft and chewy. next time i think i will chop my figs down more than i did. yum yum yum!


and now on to some art!

half muscle half skeleton for drawing class 24x36

just finished this for class this week, very pleased with it. i worked really hard!

kate solvent transfer/painting

this is a solvent transfer that was only half successful,

so i decided to paint over it with some black and i am actually really happy with this.

it started out as a time waster, but i think i could

frame and show this.

the image of kate is from a night we closed at work together and after we clocked out,

scanned our faces a couple times smashed up in the copy machine.

i then used xylol to transfer the image onto tan bfk.

hopefully break will be fruitful and good so that i have plenty of lovely things to post



sarah z

long ado post

6 Oct

the emerging artist showcase at rug and relic was amazing!

thank you everyone who showed up and supported!

i had a blast and even made some money which is a plus!

without much more rambling this post will contain some art and a recipe,

so it’ll be a big one! let’s start with the cookies…

maple walnut shortbread cookies with chocolate filling

this is a recipe combo from

the shoebox kitchen and jane’s sweets and baking journal

3 sticks butter

3/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup maple syrup

1 cup walnuts, crushed and chopped

3 1/2 cups flour (i use white whole wheat)

1/4 teaspoon salt

bag of chocolate chips

(preferable ghirardelli dark chocolate or milk chocolate)

3 tsp nutella


okay, so there are some extra things i wish i had to make this recipe a little easier to make.

this includes a rolling pin and an electric mixer.

if you have no money like me, i have found you can easily substitute the electric mixer

with a muscular boyfriend and the rolling

pin with an empty beer bottle.


1. toss together the salt and flour

2. in a separate bowl mix together the sugar and butter. once those two are mixed, add the syrup and stir it in gently.

3. dump the walnuts you cut up into the salt/flour mixture and then slowly add the flour to your sugar/syrup/butter and mix.

-this is the intermission where you mix desperately for several minutes before you interrupt your boyfriend’s video game to make him help you mix-

4. form a nice round dough. roll it up and flatten it out on a baking sheet, let refrigerate overnight or for a couple hours (i left it overnight.)

5. roll the dough out with your fancy college-style beer bottle rolling pin (or your real rolling pin if that’s your thing) and use a cute cookie

cutter to form the cookies. bake at 350˚ for about 20 minutes or until golden.

star cookies!

chocolate filling:

-heat up some water in a pot. you need to find a bowl that fits in the pot of water that won’t get water in it, but

rests gently in the water. this is how we will melt the chocolate. i started boiling the water and then i reduced the heat

to medium after i threw the chocolate in. so yeah, you throw the chocolate in the bowl. how much? the recipe

i used said a half cup, to which scoffed and added probably half of the bag. melt the chips down, stirring often, and once

those are melted add the nutella (as much as you like, really.) once well melted and mixed remove from heat to cool before

placing on cookies.


make sure to put your coffee in between the melted chocolate and the cookies you

are about to coat, in case any of it spills.

okay, final step is to grab a teaspoon and put about one tsp of chocolate on one cookie, finally, gently place the other cookie on top!

these are delicious. i hope you enjoy.


okaaaay now some art stuff!!

drawing on tan bfk 1 hr.

his name is "hans less" we think he is swedish or something

on the top is a nice doodle i did yesterday after print making class, and the below is my completed still life (or still death?) for drawing class.


and finally, my lovely friend and co-worker kate samuelson

asked to take some photos of alex and i this summer

and she recently shared the pictures with me. they are so wonderful! she’s incredible.

best, sarah z


emerging artist exhibit! new prints!

26 Sep

come one come all my dear and lovely friends to the

emerging artist exhibit

at rug and relic!!

emerging artist flyer

rug and relic, 6-9, sweet art. so why don’t you just come huh?

there are 12 artists, including the amazing augustana printmakers brian iverson, jess miller, and myself.

i will be showing a lot of work from last semester, my watercolor sketchbook will be in attendance,

and i will be busting out my new edition entitled..

“His Royal Majesty (H.R.M) The Carrot”

h.r.m. carrot in black

h.r.m. carrot in metallic silver

i did two editions in different colors, the silver turned out pretty rad but i has to be viewed in the right light.

i think combining the metallic with other layers of black or whatever will be more successful in the future.

the carrot is drawn by me and dropped into a Michel Lienard ornamental design that i edited

in photoshop to suit my needs. he original ornament design is royalty free.

that’s all for now, more soon!


sarah z

charcoal, s’mores, and skeletons

18 Sep

just try think of three better reasons than charcoal, s’mores, and skeletons to love drawing class.

fire pit for making charcoal

we spend some time in class last week making our own charcoal.

we found some twigs, shaved the bark off, and  burned em up.

here is a website that explains the process. it was neat!

and obviously, we had to make s’mores.

regina making her s'more

the charcoal turned out super awesome, too. it is really great to use, it was very cheap (free!? yes, free.)

the charcoal also has a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which is really intriguing and exciting.

can’t wait to make use of it all.

some of the finished charcoal pieces

hans: 2 hrs

and onto some actual artwork…

we are working on still life’s in class right now,

baade and i are both working on this guy. i figured i would post updates

of his progress whenever i spend a good chunk of time drawing.

his name is hans, “cause he has no hans!” ahahaha


sarah z

granola bars and converge

16 Sep

granola bars are freaking expensive!

and i like to eat them so much, but it is like $3

for a decent sized bar that doesn’t contain

scary partially hydrogenated blahblah and

high fructose blahblah.

so i made my own! they turned out pretty good!

they crumbled a bit, but i kept the crumbly

stuff and it’s loose granola!

here’s the recipe!

chocolate chip craisin granola bars

recipe adapted from Radishes and Rhubarb

2 cups oatmeal

2/3 cup almond

1 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup wheat germ

1/2 cup and 2 tblsp real maple syrup and

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 cup tasty morsels

(i used 1/2 cup craisins and 1 cup chocolate chips!)

preheat oven to 350˚

-mix up the oatmeal, almond, and coconut real nice and spread it on a cookies sheet and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

stir the mix occasionally. the goal is for the mixture to brown slightly.

-take your mixture out and throw it into a bowl and add the wheat germ and mix.

change your oven’s tempurature to 300˚

-before the mixture cools, add the 1/2 c. maple syrup and vanilla and mix well.

(this is where the 2 tblsp comes in, i thought it wasn’t sticking together very well,

so i added a bit more, this is up to you i suppose!)

throw in your tasty morsels but be quick about mixing because the chocolate chips will start to melt.

-take your mixture and pour it onto your baking sheet. pat it down tightly and square up the edges

so it stays together.

bake for 30 minutes!

-let the bars cool for an afternoon or at least a couple of hours

before you cut them up so they stay together better.

granola bars!!

converge poster by aaron horkey

and, on a second note, i have been going through a converge revival.

that band is so freaking good, i can’t even take it!

i was revived a little bit by listening to ‘cruel bloom’ off

of their latest album, ‘axe to fall’.

also, we went to see the amazing aaron horkey

exhibit in windom, south dakota last sunday. his screen printing is

just incredible. and he likes converge too!

here are the lyrics from the song ‘last light’ off of their album ‘you fail me’:


-sarah z

i need you to be the strength of widows and soul survivors
i need you to be as fearless as new mothers and new fathers
i need you to be the hope of hearts who lost true love
i need you to be the might of their first kiss
i need a purpose and i need a reason
i need to know that there is trophy and meaning
to all that we lose and all we fight for
to all our loves and our wars
keep breathing
keep living
keep searching
keep pushing on
keep bleeding
keep healing
keep fading
keep shining on
this is for the hearts still beating