happy (day after) halloween!

1 Nov

i hope you all had a fantastic halloween! i sure did!

spent friday carving pumpkins with my family,

and attended a lovely soirée on saturday night.

and of course by soiree i mean drunken over-crowded college

party. but it was great!

we’ll start with some art and some pictures and then a quick (picture-less) recipe!

zombie love 16×20 $20 (some available!)

zombie love edition completely fall 2010,

e-mail me at sleepysarahzzz@gmail.com

if you would like to purchase one!

drawing is seeing

drawing with the prompt “what if…”

pretty happy with the output, looks better in person

than from this photograph. charcoal, gesso, and black magic ink.

two harrison fords (han and indie) little fox and beetlejuice

happy halloween! ^.^

i made the ears myself out of fabric and lace, but i also

attached invisible string to the tips and strung it to my sleeves

so that they seemed to wiggle on their own.

alex (who was mark rothko) me, and our lovely host kayla (a gay superhero rainbowfish!)

now for the quick recipe!

no pictures, this ones easy.

you will need: spices, salt, paprika, etc… and pumpkin seeds (or squash!)

let the seeds dry and drizzle them with olive oil, spice them up to your taste preferences

and pop them in the oven at 400˚ for about 15 mins.

voila! delicious! i am eating some right now nom nom nom.


sarah z ❤


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