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emerging artist exhibit! new prints!

26 Sep

come one come all my dear and lovely friends to the

emerging artist exhibit

at rug and relic!!

emerging artist flyer

rug and relic, 6-9, sweet art. so why don’t you just come huh?

there are 12 artists, including the amazing augustana printmakers brian iverson, jess miller, and myself.

i will be showing a lot of work from last semester, my watercolor sketchbook will be in attendance,

and i will be busting out my new edition entitled..

“His Royal Majesty (H.R.M) The Carrot”

h.r.m. carrot in black

h.r.m. carrot in metallic silver

i did two editions in different colors, the silver turned out pretty rad but i has to be viewed in the right light.

i think combining the metallic with other layers of black or whatever will be more successful in the future.

the carrot is drawn by me and dropped into a Michel Lienard ornamental design that i edited

in photoshop to suit my needs. he original ornament design is royalty free.

that’s all for now, more soon!


sarah z


charcoal, s’mores, and skeletons

18 Sep

just try think of three better reasons than charcoal, s’mores, and skeletons to love drawing class.

fire pit for making charcoal

we spend some time in class last week making our own charcoal.

we found some twigs, shaved the bark off, and  burned em up.

here is a website that explains the process. it was neat!

and obviously, we had to make s’mores.

regina making her s'more

the charcoal turned out super awesome, too. it is really great to use, it was very cheap (free!? yes, free.)

the charcoal also has a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which is really intriguing and exciting.

can’t wait to make use of it all.

some of the finished charcoal pieces

hans: 2 hrs

and onto some actual artwork…

we are working on still life’s in class right now,

baade and i are both working on this guy. i figured i would post updates

of his progress whenever i spend a good chunk of time drawing.

his name is hans, “cause he has no hans!” ahahaha


sarah z

granola bars and converge

16 Sep

granola bars are freaking expensive!

and i like to eat them so much, but it is like $3

for a decent sized bar that doesn’t contain

scary partially hydrogenated blahblah and

high fructose blahblah.

so i made my own! they turned out pretty good!

they crumbled a bit, but i kept the crumbly

stuff and it’s loose granola!

here’s the recipe!

chocolate chip craisin granola bars

recipe adapted from Radishes and Rhubarb

2 cups oatmeal

2/3 cup almond

1 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup wheat germ

1/2 cup and 2 tblsp real maple syrup and

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 cup tasty morsels

(i used 1/2 cup craisins and 1 cup chocolate chips!)

preheat oven to 350˚

-mix up the oatmeal, almond, and coconut real nice and spread it on a cookies sheet and bake for about 10-15 minutes.

stir the mix occasionally. the goal is for the mixture to brown slightly.

-take your mixture out and throw it into a bowl and add the wheat germ and mix.

change your oven’s tempurature to 300˚

-before the mixture cools, add the 1/2 c. maple syrup and vanilla and mix well.

(this is where the 2 tblsp comes in, i thought it wasn’t sticking together very well,

so i added a bit more, this is up to you i suppose!)

throw in your tasty morsels but be quick about mixing because the chocolate chips will start to melt.

-take your mixture and pour it onto your baking sheet. pat it down tightly and square up the edges

so it stays together.

bake for 30 minutes!

-let the bars cool for an afternoon or at least a couple of hours

before you cut them up so they stay together better.

granola bars!!

converge poster by aaron horkey

and, on a second note, i have been going through a converge revival.

that band is so freaking good, i can’t even take it!

i was revived a little bit by listening to ‘cruel bloom’ off

of their latest album, ‘axe to fall’.

also, we went to see the amazing aaron horkey

exhibit in windom, south dakota last sunday. his screen printing is

just incredible. and he likes converge too!

here are the lyrics from the song ‘last light’ off of their album ‘you fail me’:


-sarah z

i need you to be the strength of widows and soul survivors
i need you to be as fearless as new mothers and new fathers
i need you to be the hope of hearts who lost true love
i need you to be the might of their first kiss
i need a purpose and i need a reason
i need to know that there is trophy and meaning
to all that we lose and all we fight for
to all our loves and our wars
keep breathing
keep living
keep searching
keep pushing on
keep bleeding
keep healing
keep fading
keep shining on
this is for the hearts still beating

blue sketches one

9 Sep

today was the first day of school!

i already love all of my classes,

and professors, of course!

i should probably be doing reading or homework or sketching of some kind

but i am very sleepy (duh) and decided to post my blue sketches instead!

little hairy monster

i really enjoy outlining with white ink pen on this toned paper, because as my co-worker put it, “it looks like a sticker.”

little crawley monster

little snuggle monsters

and of course my favorite…

little alexander monster

hopefully, will be posting some sketches and concepts soon!

it is raining outside and i hope your feet aren’t wet!


sarah z

art and gaga: minnesota.

2 Sep

spent the whole weekend in minnesota! first at the Art Rocks festival in Luverne,

which was amazing as usual! my former art teacher and

constant mentor Chad Nelson won Best of Show (obviously.)

then kaylamara, and i headed to the twin cities

to see the one and only…

miss lady gaga

the show was a m a z i n g! i am sure it is the best concert i have ever seen.

(and may ever see?)

mara at gaga

i actually cried three times during the concert. she is just such

a creative and energetic positive life force who really

cares about her fans. she makes all of us little monsters

feel so accepted and comfortable with who we are.

little monsters

they also featured the new polaroid instant digital camera.

(the link i attached is a great video showing you how it works!)

they used it to take a picture of you with gaga’s monster ball!

i was really excited about this instant digital, but here’s the problem.

the thing is only 5 megapixels. you could hardly call that

a decent digital camera, most of our cell phones take pictures

almost that big. as you can tell by the quality of the group shot,

it’s not that great with so little megapixels.

it does print a cute little 2×3 picture instantly though, and the damn

thing is also a sticker! so if that’s what you are looking for,

it is pretty freaking cool.

okay, t-minus 7 days before school starts.


sarah z