december cold post

30 Dec

sorry it has been so long since my last update!

finals and christmas eat up a lot of a persons free time,

i’m sure you understand.

i had a fantastic christmas, and i hope you did too!

although my posts have been absent that doesn’t mean i haven’t

been working hard.

i have recently (*cough*yesterday*cough*) created an ETSY SHOP!

with my lovely sister, Mara, who is going to manage it for me!

so please check it out!

there is some new work up there that i haven’t gotten on to here yet…

also, my amazing boyfriend alex and i are going to be working on a videogame

for xbox360! so if you are interested in checking out what we’ve

been doing with that, please visit our game-blog meow meow studio.

anyway! it is the end of a sketchbook, so i decided to give a sketchbook roundup

of my favorite pages from the thing…

alex and i on opposite pages

concept for new intaglio print

sketches from the minneapolis institute of art in pink
joe and i asleep in the secret garden (inspired by a co-workers dream)
mini jones and sarah z best friends forever
hand studies

okay thank you so much for looking!

expect more updates soon!



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