21 Nov

aaah it’s been forever! too many things going on.

what i wouldn’t give for a day off work, you know…

so i could like, fold laundry, and do homework.

and other things normal people get to do for a change.

a   n   y   w   a   y…

enough complaining, here’s some art!

figure study: pregnant model
intaglio: book project

this is a snippet of my edition for the project we are working on in my

printmaking class. somebody started the plate and printed

an edition of 30-some and then passed the plate to the second

person who changed the plate up a bit and printed an edition.

and so on until we are all done and we will

each bind a book of everybody’s changes, cool huh?

the process would have gone better i think had our press not broken halfway through…

alex, scott, and brady fixing the press

voluntary print labor for museum studies class!

dr. hannus asked kayla hathaway and i to design a poster for

the show our museum methods class curated. we decided to screenprint

them which was a lot of work, however, we got it done and we are

pretty happy with the results and they

are an edition of 165 which is pretty special.

if you see one about town you better nab it when the show is over because it is

valuable and be worth a lot of money when we are famous! hehe

printed ceramics

oh ps- i also play with clay. these are a few pieces that came out of

the salt kiln from my ceramics class!

i really enjoy working with clay, and am pretty happy i can

incorporate some printmaking ideas/techniques.

mini jones in venice

drawing for my class, supposed to be a memory.

i picked when my best friend mini and i were in venice.

i remember the train ride and how we stuck our heads out the window

of the night train and smoked cigarettes.


oofta, that was a lot!

i would probably rant some more, however

i have some nazi zombies (via call of duty) to kill.


sarah z


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