emerging artist exhibit! new prints!

26 Sep

come one come all my dear and lovely friends to the

emerging artist exhibit

at rug and relic!!

emerging artist flyer

rug and relic, 6-9, sweet art. so why don’t you just come huh?

there are 12 artists, including the amazing augustana printmakers brian iverson, jess miller, and myself.

i will be showing a lot of work from last semester, my watercolor sketchbook will be in attendance,

and i will be busting out my new edition entitled..

“His Royal Majesty (H.R.M) The Carrot”

h.r.m. carrot in black

h.r.m. carrot in metallic silver

i did two editions in different colors, the silver turned out pretty rad but i has to be viewed in the right light.

i think combining the metallic with other layers of black or whatever will be more successful in the future.

the carrot is drawn by me and dropped into a Michel Lienard ornamental design that i edited

in photoshop to suit my needs. he original ornament design is royalty free.

that’s all for now, more soon!


sarah z


One Response to “emerging artist exhibit! new prints!”

  1. audreystommes October 3, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    Good job at the Emerging Artist show. It was great! and it was so great to see you again. Keep it up!

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