long ado post

6 Oct

the emerging artist showcase at rug and relic was amazing!

thank you everyone who showed up and supported!

i had a blast and even made some money which is a plus!

without much more rambling this post will contain some art and a recipe,

so it’ll be a big one! let’s start with the cookies…

maple walnut shortbread cookies with chocolate filling

this is a recipe combo from

the shoebox kitchen and jane’s sweets and baking journal

3 sticks butter

3/4 cup sugar

1/3 cup maple syrup

1 cup walnuts, crushed and chopped

3 1/2 cups flour (i use white whole wheat)

1/4 teaspoon salt

bag of chocolate chips

(preferable ghirardelli dark chocolate or milk chocolate)

3 tsp nutella


okay, so there are some extra things i wish i had to make this recipe a little easier to make.

this includes a rolling pin and an electric mixer.

if you have no money like me, i have found you can easily substitute the electric mixer

with a muscular boyfriend and the rolling

pin with an empty beer bottle.


1. toss together the salt and flour

2. in a separate bowl mix together the sugar and butter. once those two are mixed, add the syrup and stir it in gently.

3. dump the walnuts you cut up into the salt/flour mixture and then slowly add the flour to your sugar/syrup/butter and mix.

-this is the intermission where you mix desperately for several minutes before you interrupt your boyfriend’s video game to make him help you mix-

4. form a nice round dough. roll it up and flatten it out on a baking sheet, let refrigerate overnight or for a couple hours (i left it overnight.)

5. roll the dough out with your fancy college-style beer bottle rolling pin (or your real rolling pin if that’s your thing) and use a cute cookie

cutter to form the cookies. bake at 350˚ for about 20 minutes or until golden.

star cookies!

chocolate filling:

-heat up some water in a pot. you need to find a bowl that fits in the pot of water that won’t get water in it, but

rests gently in the water. this is how we will melt the chocolate. i started boiling the water and then i reduced the heat

to medium after i threw the chocolate in. so yeah, you throw the chocolate in the bowl. how much? the recipe

i used said a half cup, to which scoffed and added probably half of the bag. melt the chips down, stirring often, and once

those are melted add the nutella (as much as you like, really.) once well melted and mixed remove from heat to cool before

placing on cookies.


make sure to put your coffee in between the melted chocolate and the cookies you

are about to coat, in case any of it spills.

okay, final step is to grab a teaspoon and put about one tsp of chocolate on one cookie, finally, gently place the other cookie on top!

these are delicious. i hope you enjoy.


okaaaay now some art stuff!!

drawing on tan bfk 1 hr.

his name is "hans less" we think he is swedish or something

on the top is a nice doodle i did yesterday after print making class, and the below is my completed still life (or still death?) for drawing class.


and finally, my lovely friend and co-worker kate samuelson

asked to take some photos of alex and i this summer

and she recently shared the pictures with me. they are so wonderful! she’s incredible.

best, sarah z



2 Responses to “long ado post”

  1. Mini Jones October 8, 2010 at 2:36 am #

    Those pictures are awesome! 🙂 And your artwork is wonderful as always! 🙂

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