blue sketches one

9 Sep

today was the first day of school!

i already love all of my classes,

and professors, of course!

i should probably be doing reading or homework or sketching of some kind

but i am very sleepy (duh) and decided to post my blue sketches instead!

little hairy monster

i really enjoy outlining with white ink pen on this toned paper, because as my co-worker put it, “it looks like a sticker.”

little crawley monster

little snuggle monsters

and of course my favorite…

little alexander monster

hopefully, will be posting some sketches and concepts soon!

it is raining outside and i hope your feet aren’t wet!


sarah z


art and gaga: minnesota.

2 Sep

spent the whole weekend in minnesota! first at the Art Rocks festival in Luverne,

which was amazing as usual! my former art teacher and

constant mentor Chad Nelson won Best of Show (obviously.)

then kaylamara, and i headed to the twin cities

to see the one and only…

miss lady gaga

the show was a m a z i n g! i am sure it is the best concert i have ever seen.

(and may ever see?)

mara at gaga

i actually cried three times during the concert. she is just such

a creative and energetic positive life force who really

cares about her fans. she makes all of us little monsters

feel so accepted and comfortable with who we are.

little monsters

they also featured the new polaroid instant digital camera.

(the link i attached is a great video showing you how it works!)

they used it to take a picture of you with gaga’s monster ball!

i was really excited about this instant digital, but here’s the problem.

the thing is only 5 megapixels. you could hardly call that

a decent digital camera, most of our cell phones take pictures

almost that big. as you can tell by the quality of the group shot,

it’s not that great with so little megapixels.

it does print a cute little 2×3 picture instantly though, and the damn

thing is also a sticker! so if that’s what you are looking for,

it is pretty freaking cool.

okay, t-minus 7 days before school starts.


sarah z

late august

26 Aug

i imagine i will be posting all kinds of assignments and sketches

this school year. what do i have to show for this summer?

a lot of recipes and a good handful of plein air watercolors from

west sodak to east sodak and beyond- but those are not digital yet.

so… here is an amazing recipe i have made twice now.

it is super easy and incredibly delicious! it is also incredibly alterable, you can pretty much throw in or take out whatever you want and they are still delicious.

veggie burgers!


1 giant 29 oz can chickpease

4 large eggs

1/3 c. cilantro

1-2 onions, chopped

1 c. alfalfa sprouts

1/2 c. panko breadcrumbs

1/2 c. ground flax seed


1 red pepper

1 tsp salt

lemon zest (one lemon)


any other veggies you like!

combine: chickpeas, eggs, and salt in a blender (if you have one, i don’t so i just mash and mash until it has a paste-like consistency). add sprouts, cilantro, onion, zest, and pepper and mix! stir in bread crumbs and flax, until thoroughly mixed- it should be forming a kind of dough at this point. stick it in the fridge for a little while, or let it sit for at least 10 or so minutes. this helps everything stick together and the flax and breadcrumbs to appropriate the other ingredients.

finally: take the batter and form patties! we usually make some right away an then we make patties of the rest of the batter and stick them in the freezer between wax or parchment paper, they keep for a long time and are super easy to fry up! drop some olive oil in your pan and cook them up!

as a caution: as always, check the ingredients on everything you might buy. we thought we were safe just getting “plain” breadcrumbs… but no. they contained high fructose corn syrup aaand partially hydrogenated oils. pretty lame.

ps- updated work from last semester on my deviant art.