::artists of the plains::

19 Feb

check out the artists of the plains show

at the holiday inn, downtown sioux falls

saturday 10am-6pm and sunday 10am to 3:30pm

the show is put on by augustana college’s center for western studies

and showcases artist from around the region.


but this makes you think it’s all pheasant and duck stamp art right?

w r o n g!

come to check out student work such as mine and my incredible peers, as well as works of art by fantastic

and inventive artists such as Chad Nelson (winner: people’s choice best in show for 2d work), a printmaker

and nancyjane heul, a painter. as wells as all the other wonderful artists, but if

you were looking or duck stamps, those are there too i guess…


here is some work from last semester i have yet to post:

cruel bloom :: 4 color screenprint

that girl is a monster :: intaglio

monster :: detail

chad nelson has challenged us to print half as many editions as he does this semester.

he’s planning on sixteen. that means 8. i’ve got 5 ideas already, 4 in progress, wish me luck!

hopefully plenty more work soon!

btw check out my etsy shop

also, my sweetheart and i have taken example from his parents and are going v e g a n.

we are really excited about the nutritional benefits of this change in diet,

as well as the exciting recipes we’ve been trying. such as vegan bread ^.^ yum yum

vegan bread made by alex


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